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Information Regarding COVID 19

The health and safety of our players, coaches, parents and members is our primary concern. Due to COVID19, all "in-person" soccer related activities have been suspended until further notice. Please continue to monitor our club communications for changes, updates and virtual training options. 

Thank you  -  The Wright County Soccer Club

2020 Buffalo Rec Soccer

Bentfield Park - Buffalo, MN

MVP Soccer Camp

Bentfield Park - Buffalo

2020 Summer Competitive Travel Registration

Limited Spots Left

Free Goal Keeper Training Sessions

"The Edge" Delano

2020 Tiger Rec Soccer

Delano, MN



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2020 Buffalo Recreation Registration Information

WRIGHT COUNTY SOCCER CLUB provides Recreational Soccer for girls ages 4-17 and boys ages 4-14. This is the same program that has served Buffalo and the surrounding communities for the past 20 years.

COST AND REGISTRATION?  Online early bird registration fees are 119.00 per player with a maximum of $320.00 per family.  Registration runs through April 30th.   

HOW LONG IS THE SEASON?  May through the end of July.  

WHERE ARE GAMES PLAYED? Bentfield Mills Soccer Complex located in Buffalo.  

WHEN ARE PRACTICES?  For U8 and above, dates and times are determined by the Volunteer Coach of each team.  For U6, practices are held before their weekly game.  

WHAT DIVISION WILL MY SON/DAUGHTER BE ON?  Divisions are determined by their current school grade at the time of registration...

  • U6:              K & Pre K  (must be age 4 by April 1st, 2020)
  • U8:              1st & 2nd Grades
  • U10:            3rd & 4th Grades
  • U13 Girls:    5th & 6th Grades
  • U14 Boys:    5th - 8th Grades
  • U17 Girls:    7th - 11th Grades

WHAT NIGHTS ARE GAMES PLAYED ON? Games are played Monday through Thursday, with Saturday games for some divisions while school is still in session.  Those are listed below…

  • U6 Girls:    Thursday (6:30)
  • U6 Boys:    Wednesday (6:30)
  • U8 Girls:    Monday (6:30, 7:30) - may have Saturday games
  • U8 Boys:    Tuesday (6:30, 7:30) - may have Saturday games
  • U10 Girls:  Monday (6:15, 7:30) - may have Saturday games 
  • U10 Boys:  Tuesday (6:15, 7:30) - may have Saturday games
  • U13 Girls:  Thursday (6:30, 7:45) 
  • U14 Boys:   Tuesday (6:30, 8:00) 
  • U17 Girls:   Monday (6:30, 8:00) - may have Saturday games

YEAR END TOURNAMENT! July 27th - August 1st (For U8 and above)

CONSIDER BECOMING A COACH!  Our Recreation program would not be able to run without the assistance of volunteer family members. Please consider coaching! 

WHAT IS THE COMMITMENT LEVEL? Wright County Recreation Soccer Program is just that, a recreation soccer environment.  We are here to have fun while learning and playing the game of soccer.  Every player participates equally.  

2020 Tiger Recreational Soccer in Delano

Wright County Soccer Club is providing recreational soccer for Delano and surrounding areas.  It is for girls and boys 3 to 8 years of age.  6:30 - 7:30pm on Thurdsay nights at the Elementary School!

WHEN IS REGISTRATION? Registration is open on February 8th and runs through April 30th.  

COST AND REGISTRATION?  $59.00 for U4 and 69.00 for U6 & U8 per player, with a maximum of $150.00 per family if you registered before April 28th.  If registered after April 28th, the cost is 69.00 for U4 and 79.00 for U6 & U8, with a family maximum of 170.00 per family.    

WHEN IS THE TIGER SOCCER SEASON? Practices and games are every Thursday 6:30 to 7:30pm, beginning May 16th through June 27th.  

WHERE ARE GAMES PLAYED?  Delano Elementary School Fields

WHAT DIVISION WILL MY SON/DAUGHTER BE ON?  Divisions are determined by their current school grade at the time of registration, not what grade they will be going into next year.  For example, if your child is currently in Kindergarten during the March/April registration period, register them in U6.  Do not register them as a first grader at U8.  

  • U4:           3 & 4 year olds
  • U6:           5 & 6 year olds - Pre K and K
  • U8:           1st & 2nd Grades

HOW ARE TEAMS MADE?  Teams are made by a random selection process. 

HOW ARE COACHES SELECTED? Coaches are assigned through a volunteer process.  Tiger Soccer would not be able to run without the assistance of volunteer family members.  If assigned as a volunteer coach, you will receive a refund equivalent to one soccer registration at the completion of the Tiger Soccer Season.  

WHEN ARE PRACTICES?  Practices will be held the first 30 minutes of each game day.  All coaches will be running the same session provided by Wright County Soccer Director of Coaching.  

WHAT EQUIPMENT IS NEEDED TO PLAY?  Every player must wear appropriate shin guards in order to play, meaning, shin guards covered by long socks.  It is recommended that each child have their own ball, but it is not required as Coaches will be given an equipment bag. Soccer balls for these age groups is a size 3. 

CAN  MY CHILD WEAR ANY JEWELRY?  No jewelry may be worn by any player during the games. Please refrain from having your child’s ear pierced during the season. Earrings are NOT permitted on the field for any reason! Medical bracelets are the only exception and they must be taped.

FREE Goal Keeper Training at the Edge

Who: All GKs and those who are interested in giving it a try

When: Every Saturday from December through March, beginning December 7th

  • U10 thru U12 Session:  11:00am to Noon
  • U13 thru U17 Session:  Noon to 1:00pm
Where: The Edge Indoor Soccer Facility
10 Bridge Avenue West
Delano, MN  55328
Cost: Free
Lead Trainer: Chas Billin
Come dressed in typical GK apparel, long sleeve shirt and sweat pants to protect your arms and legs.  Bring GK gloves if you have them and a water bottle.  
NO CLEATS - wear tennis shoes or indoor soccer shoes

Wright County Traveling Soccer

Wright County Soccer Club is a traveling soccer club for girls and boys ages 9-18. We serve the cities of Buffalo, Delano, Hanover, Rockford, as well as other surrounding communities. Our aim is to provide a quality competitive soccer experience for our local soccer players. WRC is a member of the Minnesota Youth Soccer Association (MYSA). WRC competes in the West District within the MYSA league structure, which covers the areas west of the Twin Cities metro.
WHEN IS THE SUMMER SOCCER SEASON? The playing season begins early May and runs through July.  Practices generally begin early spring before the season starts, sometimes as early as November, depending on the competitive level of the team. 

WHEN IS THE FALL SOCCER SEASON? The playing season begins early September and runs through mid October.  Practices generally begin mid August.  

WHERE ARE GAMES PLAYED? Wright County Soccer competes in the West District, which includes the western suburbs and neighboring cities such as St Michael, Monticello and Waconia. Our home fields are located in Buffalo, Hanover, Rockford and Delano.
WHAT NIGHTS ARE GAMES PLAYED ON? League games for summer soccer are played on a Mon-Wed or Tue-Thu schedule. Usually only Tournament games are played on Fridays and weekends.  League games for fall are all played on Sat-Sun.  

WHAT AGE LEVEL TEAM WILL MY SON/DAUGHTER BE ON?  The MYSA switched over to the calendar birth-year team formation system. This means that your son or daughter is grouped with other players in the same birth-year (example, all players born in the year 2004 play on same team). Please refer to the LEAGUE PLAY page to determine what age level your son or daughter qualifies for. Click the link for the MYSA Birth-year Guide to determine appropriate team.
DO YOU PARTICIPATE IN TOURNAMENTS? Yes, for the summer season, most teams select 2 or 3 tournaments to compete in. Each team is responsible for selecting and registering for tournaments.  For the fall season, they may elect to play in a tournament as well.  
HOW MANY GAMES ARE PLAYED IN A SEASON? For Summer, a team will generally play 10-12 league games, depending on age and division. Playoffs are single elimination format. Tournament play is determined by each individual team. A team will usually play a minimum of about 12 games and a maximum of about 25 games in a season.

For Fall, a team will play a total of six regular season games, and depending upon their division, they may qualify for the Fall State Tournament.  

WHAT IS THE COMMITMENT LEVEL? Wright County Soccer Traveling Program is intended to provide a competitive soccer experience. Players and coaches are expected to attend all games and practices. By signing up to play, you are acknowledging that you understand the importance of consistent attendance in the overall success of the team. Expect between 3 to 5 games and/or practices per week. Games and practices are generally held in the evening hours.

DO YOU HAVE TRYOUTS? Yes – Wright County Soccer requires all players who wish to play on one of our higher level teams (C2 and up) to attend tryouts. Tryouts are held in late July / early August each year in order to effectively place players on the correct team for the following season. Please refer to TEAM FORMATION page for more detailed tryout information.

HOW ARE COACHES SELECTED? Wright County Soccer requires all coaches to be licensed and pass background checks. The MYSA (Minnesota Youth Soccer Association) provides specialized coaching courses which provide our coaches with adequate training and preparation. Wright County Soccer pays for this training. Trained and licensed coaches are then assigned to our competitive teams by our Director of Coaching and Player Development.


Wright County Soccer News!

GU14 C2 Fall State Champs

By Tate Moser 10/30/2018, 7:45am CDT

  • Thye GU14 C2, coached by Dan Menk, beat Owatonna 3-1 in the final after advancing with a 2-0 win over South East Minneapolis and a tie against River Falls.

Back row: Coach Menk, Chloe Tesmer, Grace Panek, Annika Gibson, Abby Menk, Leah Halderson, Julia Gibson, Elyse Branger

Front Row: Izzy Rautiola, Julia Anderson, Nadia Slavec, Victoria Viteri, Lucy Paul, Celia Zrust, Peyton Anderson

Missing: Jamie Porter, Gigi Slavec, Hannah Williams, Emma Grover

BU11 C2 Fall State Champs

By Tate 10/30/2018, 7:30am CDT

The BU11 C2, coached by Jason Scott, outlasted Rochester in the final game on PKs. They reached the final by beating a tough Hudson team in the semi finals 6-5.

Back Row: Charlie Georges, Andrew Menk, Brandon Rodenwald, Coach Scott, Hunter Seijdel, Jacob Hahessy, Asher Faatz, Elijah Soukup

Front Row: Evan Phillips, Gavyn Towne, Hunter Scott, Brady Schultz

Missing: Jacob Barta

GU11 C2 Fall State Champions

By Tate 10/30/2018, 7:30am CDT

The GU11 C2, coached by Erika Doimer, beat Rochester 2-0 in the final. The GU11s had a perfect record in bracket play, beating Hudson 3-0 and Rochester 2-1 to reach the final.

Back Row: Coach Reineck, Katherine Donlan, Aubrey Barton, Hayden Arvola, Eva Viteri, Ryelee Ash, Cedar Otto, Coach Doimer

Front Row: Kamryn Moser, Catherine Reineck, Audyn Molesky, Maren Brockopp, Kennedy Herrboldt

Missing: Kendra Harris