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Buffalo Summer Recreational Soccer

Wright County Soccer Club provides Recreational soccer for girls ages 4-17 and boys ages 4-14. We serve the city of Buffalo as well as other surrounding communities. Our aim is to provide a quality Recreational soccer experience for our local soccer players who do not wish to join our Traveling Program.  
WHEN IS THE SUMMER SOCCER SEASON? Registration is open on February 1st and runs through April 30th.  There is an early bird discount if you register before March 15th.  Teams are made mid April and given to the volunteer coaches so that they may start practices a couple of weeks ahead of the first game.  The playing season begins early May and runs through July.

WHERE ARE GAMES PLAYED? All games are played at Bentfield Mills Soccer Complex located in Buffalo, behind Target.  

WHAT NIGHTS ARE GAMES PLAYED ON? Games are played Monday through Thursday, with some Saturday games while school is still in session.  

  • U6 Girls:    Thursday (6:30 or 7:30)
  • U6 Boys:    Wednesday (6:30 or 7:30)
  • U8 Girls:    Monday (6:30, 7:30, 8:30) - May have Saturday games
  • U8 Boys:    Tuesday (6:30, 7:30 or 8:30) - May have Saturday games
  • U10 Girls:  Monday (6:30, 7:45) - May have Saturday games 
  • U10 Boys:  Tuesday (6:30, 7:45) - May have Saturday games
  • U13 Girls:  Tuesday (6:30, 8:00)
  • U14 Boys:   Tuesday (6:30, 7:45, 9:00)
  • U17 Girls:   Monday (6:30, 8:00) - May have Saturday games

WHAT DIVISION WILL MY SON/DAUGHTER BE ON?  Divisions are determined by their current school grade at the time of registration, not what grade they will be going into next year.  For example, if your child is currently in second grade during the March/April registration period, register them in U8.  Do not register them as a third grader at U10.  

  • U6:           K & Pre K  (must be age 4 by April 1st)
  • U8:           1st & 2nd Grades
  • U10:         3rd & 4th Grades
  • U13 Girls:  5th & 6th Grades
  • U14 Boys:  5th - 8th Grades
  • U17 Girls:  7th - 11th Grades

DO YOU PARTICIPATE IN TOURNAMENTS?  There is a year-end recreational tournament scheduled for the last week of July, which may run into early August in some years.  It is specifically for the U8 through U17 Divisions.  Teams are seeded based upon record.  All teams will participate in the year end tournament, which is in single elimination format.  There is no tournament for the U6 Divisions.

HOW MANY GAMES ARE PLAYED IN A SEASON? There are ten games scheduled throughout the regular season.  At the conclusion of the regular season, the year-end tournament starts for Divisions U8-U17.   

WHAT IS THE COMMITMENT LEVEL? Wright County Recreation Soccer Program is just that, a recreation soccer environment.  We are here to have fun while learning and playing the game of soccer.  Every player participates equally.  Attendance is encouraged, especially at the higher levels, but it is not mandatory for your child to play.  Their level of involvement can be determined by the parents as well as the player and should not deter from their minutes of play.  

HOW ARE TEAMS MADE?  We do not have tryouts at the recreational level.  Teams are made by a random selection process.  

HOW ARE COACHES SELECTED? Coaches are assigned through a volunteer process.  Our Recreation program would not be able to run without the assistance of volunteer family members.  

WHEN ARE PRACTICES?  Practice dates and times are determined by the Volunteer Coach of each team.  

WHAT EQUIPMENT IS NEEDED TO PLAY?  Every player must wear appropriate shin guards in order to play, meaning, shin guards covered by long socks.  It is recommended that each child have their own ball, but it is not required as Coaches will be given an equipment bag. Soccer balls vary in size. The following is the breakdown of appropriate sizes per age division:

Size 3 – U6, U8

Size 4 – U10

Size 5 – U13, U14, U17.

CAN  MY CHILD WEAR ANY JEWELRY?  No jewelry may be worn by any player during the games. Please refrain from having your child’s ear pierced during the season. Earrings are NOT permitted on the field for any reason! Medical bracelets are the only exception and they must be taped.