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Weather Policy and Game Rescheduling

Weather Policy

Weather / Game Cancellation Policy:  

Lightning and Thunder:  All games are played if there is rain or light rain in the area.  Games are only cancelled in the event of a thunder storm, downpour, or if there is lightning present.  

If the game has already stated, it will be considered complete if it has reached half time or beyond.  If it is called before half time, the game may be rescheduled.  

In the event of lightning, teams must wait half an hour before they can start or resume play.  Referees and coaches must comply with this rule and make the decision to cancel games as there may not be a Wright County Board Member present.  Only Referees and Coaches can make this determination.  

Heat Cancellation:  If heat index reaches 89 degrees, it is considered normal playing conditions.  If index is between 90 degrees and 99 degrees, there will be a mandatory water break per half with running time.  If heat index reaches 100 degrees and over, games will be cancelled.  

If games are cancelled by the club, a notice will be placed on the Wright County Recreation Soccer Program website and an email will be sent out to the registered participants.  

Game Rescheduling

To reschedule a cancelled game...

1. Discuss with the opposing coach the best time to schedule the game. Wednesdays through Saturdays work the best.  

2. Email WRC Referee Coordinator with the following information to request a referee.

  • Game Number to reschedule from attached file below
  • Date to Reschedule
  • Time to Reschedule

3. You will receive email confirmation of rescheduled game.