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Weather Policies

Player safety comes first!

Wright County Soccer Weather Policy

Wright County Soccer Club abides by the weather policy developed by the MYSA. See link above right. Games and practices will be cancelled/delayed if severe weather is in the area. Safety is our most important responsibility.

It is important to note that many times the decision to cancel a game is made at the field. Weather conditions can vary from location to location, so we ask our players to be at the field at the specified time UNLESS you have received a communication from the club or the coach that the game has been cancelled. Wright County does NOT have the authority to cancel away games. Rule of thumb is: if you haven't be notified of a cancellation, assume the game will be played.

It is important to note that the MYSA Weather Policy also includes provisions for excessively hot and excessivley cold weather as well. We encourage all parents, coaches and referees to read entire policy and be familiar with it's provisions.

MYSA Weather Policy

The MYSA has a comprehensive weather policy. Policy should be used for both league games and tournament play.